Basic policy on personal information protection

Wa Rust Co., Ltd. strongly recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the highly information-oriented society, and pays close attention to the collection and handling of personal information about users in accordance with the Plat Evasion Policy established by the Company. I promise. Furthermore, in order to thoroughly implement the policy stipulated in this Platform Evasion Policy, we have independently formulated and implemented the Personal Information Protection Contest Plat Iance Program, made it known to employees and other related parties, and made efforts to continuously improve its contents. I will do it.

■About information to collect and the purpose of its use 

The service operated by our company requires the input of personal information when using it. Personal information provided by users will be handled carefully in accordance with the Plat Evasion Policy and will be used for the following purposes. In addition, such personal information will not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the individual. 

■When and how to get it 

We provide personal information to our users only in the following cases. 
・When making inquiries about the content posted to each dealer within our service
・When the user voluntarily inputs information using various functions in our service
・When you contact us for support or recruitment
・In addition, when clear consent of the person was obtained

■About information disclosure to third parties 

The personal information of users collected legally and fairly for the operation of the service will not be provided to third parties without their explicit consent.  However, please understand beforehand that it is not this limitation in the following cases. 
・When the Company reasonably determines that disclosure is necessary based on laws and regulations 
・When the user voluntarily inputs information using various functions in our service 
・When we entrust the handling of personal information as part of our business under the supervision of our company to a company that we have concluded to be trustworthy and have signed a confidentiality agreement 
・When the service operator changes, and it is determined that personal information needs to be transferred to continue the service 

■About correction and deletion of personal information 

We strive to maintain the accuracy of registered personal information.  In addition, we will promptly investigate and confirm the rationality of the customer's personal information, if any, regarding the correction and deletion of the information, and respond to this as much as possible. 

■About cookies and links 

Our service may be able to provide more useful services by enabling cookies in your web browser. A cookie is a function for exchanging information such as user information and access history between a web browser and a web server. While the use of cookies is convenient, it may not be desirable from the perspective of protecting Plat evasions. Therefore, please use cookies appropriately within the scope of your own responsibility. In addition, although our service contains many links to external websites, we are not responsible for the handling of personal information on the linked websites, so when using each linked site We recommend that you read each Platform Evasion Policy.

■About personal information management system

We appoint a person in charge of personal information management and carry out legal and fair management of personal information. In addition, we will provide training and educational opportunities to officers and employees, instill the spirit of Conplat Iance, and ensure the proper handling of personal information in daily operations.

■About revision of Plat Ibashi policy

We are constantly striving to review and improve the Con-Plat Iance Program, and the content of this Plat Evasion Policy is subject to change without notice. If any changes occur, we will notify the users by posting them on the site, so please check back regularly.