About ninja mobile

  • It is a shopping mall that collects smartphones and mobile phones of popular shops in Japan.
    From the still popular Garakue, to the latest iPhone · SIM free terminals lined up.

    Because there are more than 0 000 stocks,
    ・ I want the same model that I am old but used to
    ・ Garakei still active
    ・ I want a high spec model for games
    ・ I want a シ リ ー ズ series that you can buy for 以下 yen or less
    ・ I want the latest model only the terminal, the contract is not
    ・ High pixel camera for insta
    We respond to voices such as!
    Solve all your worries with NINJYA Mobile. Color your mobile life

  • Japan's second-hand terminal specialty stores gather!

    In Ninja Mobile, we are opening a popular shop in Japan.
    Our staff members carefully select and open stores so that customers can shop with confidence.
    There will be more stores in the future, so stay tuned!

  • Strict data erasure

    The principle is to initialize and overwrite, and multiple staff members check one by one while checking.

  • === Store opening criteria ===

    ○We are limited to shops that have been buying and selling mobile phones for more than a year.
    ○We check the location of the actual store or operating company.
    ○We have confirmed the existence of antique market owner permit.
    ○We have signed a contract with a document stating that we will not handle fakes.

  • === Management is going to the store after opening a store ===

    ○Our adviser visits the store regularly. Support for product exhibition, We are following to satisfy our customers.
    ○We check whether there is a problem in the image or information of the product being exhibited.

  • We have introduced a system that can only be purchased by someone other than you as a fraudulent credit card fraudulent use response.

    On this site, you can only order by card through credit card security function (3D secure) (However, you can purchase the credit card that each credit card company made before 3D secure introduction).
    VISA, JCB and MasterCard have a security function called "3D Secure". This function is a mechanism by which a person other than the person can not use the card illegally by setting a password that only the person can know.

    You may not know, but when you issue a credit card, you need to set it by yourself. Depending on the time of issuance, it is likely that cards issued in recent years have 3D Secure installed.

    Our site that handles mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) uses a system that prevents unauthorized purchases, so you can choose to pay with your credit card with confidence.

    Please see the following page for details on "3D Secure".