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[Used] [Safety Guarantee] iPhone12mini [128GB] SIM Free White

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Item Number:104-2309710081339
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Description of item

IMEI number:353012110957634

Network usage restrictions may change, please enter IMEI on each carrier page and check.
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Product condition (condition)

In consideration of the nature of products being used, we rank product states. In addition, cases and chargers that are included in products other than products are not included in the condition rank.
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Product information

Network usage restriction check [-]
※ Network usage restriction is the condition at the time of exhibition.
※ Network usage restrictions may change. Please enter IMEI on each carrier page and check.

Depending on the product, there may be scratches, fading, slight stains, deterioration, etc. There are some scratches that are not shown in the photo. The condition may look slightly different on the screen and in the actual product.
SIM card is not included.

【IMEI number】353012110957634
【Screen size】5.4 inches
【Initial OS】iOS 14
【Number of camera pixels】1200 1200 MPixel
[External memory]-
[SIM standard]nanoSIM (SIM free / VoLTE) eSIM
[Year of release]2020/11/13
【Series Name】
[Built-in storage]128GB

Geo Mobile 【0971】
Product name [Used] [Safety Guarantee] iPhone12mini [128GB] SIM Free White
accessories None
Initial OS iOS 14
Camera pixel number 1200 1200 MPixel
Internal storage 128GB
Screen size 5.4 inches
External memory -
SIM standard nanoSIM (SIM free / VoLTE) eSIM
Release date 2020/11/13
Product comment ★ LCD screen Beautiful state without noticeable scratches
★ The back of the exterior is in a beautiful state with no noticeable scratches
★ Exterior side It is in a beautiful state without noticeable scratches
★ There are no accessories
★ SIM free
★ Activated
★ Available in Wi-Fi environment
★ The communication cable is lightning
★ Don't miss out because of over-the-counter sales
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This item is
Geo Jiang Nan Hidaka-Shop
[Contact: 0587-51-5905]
More exhibit.
For inquiries about products,
To the above contact
Inquiry number: 2309710081339
Please tell me

Geo Jiang Nan Hidaka-Shop
[Resident] 340 Sakae, Hidaka-cho, Konan City, Aichi Prefecture
【Open hours】 09:00 〜25: 00
[Contact] 0587-51-5905
Notes ・ We can not understand about the life, consumption condition of battery.
・ Only some ios terminals are activated.
・Depending on the product, there may be scratches, fading, slight stains, deterioration, etc.
・Scratch, etc. may not be shown in the photo.
-The real on the screen may look slightly different conditions.


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