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About point

Type of point

The following five types of points can be acquired with Ninja Mobile.

【Purchasing points】
It is the point added by shopping.

【Coupon point】
It is a special point granted during the campaign period.
Please note the expiration date for the limited time point.

[Purchase assessment point]
It is a point that is added when it is desired to purchase points by purchase service.
For the purchase service,Brand old clothes purchase service"Please confirm.

【Fling point given】

Earn points

You can earn points by shopping with Ninja Mobile.
1% of the product price (without tax) is reduced by points, and can be used for shopping after the next time as "1 point = 1 yen".

Granting points

Points (purchasing points) will be added to the customer on the day after delivery of the ordered item is completed.

Example: If you purchase a jacket of 20,000 yen (excluding tax) on July 1 and receive the product on July 3
200 200 points will be added after July 3rd. (Rounded down after the decimal point)
The added points will be used for the next shopping with 200 yen.

※ We can not convert cash to point.

Use points

When ordering, you can choose to use points in 1-point units.
Please log in when using points.

For help with ordering, please visit the help pageHow to order a product"Please confirm.

Expiration date of points

The expiration date depends on the type of points. Please be careful.
Once the expiration date has passed, the points will be void and will not be available.

As it varies according to the campaign period, please confirm from point history and e-mail magazine.

[Purchase assessment point]
The expiration date is 180 days after the point is granted.

【Fling point given】
The expiration date is 180 days after the point is granted.